MIX: Coachella 2011

April 5th, 2011 by Chris

The Floor Models Coachell

Who said the Floor Models were dead? Filthy lies.

We’re back and hittin’ ya up with the latest in our Coachella mix series: the 2011 Edition. As always, it features tracks either produced or remixed by Coachella artists. Peep the tracklist below (Coachella artists in bold)…

A special shout out goes to Lilt who’s blistering remix of Chromeo’s Hot Mess caps off this mix. While you’re diggin’ it go vote for it on Beatportal’s Hot Mess Remix Contest (just click “Spin It!”).

See you on the Field! Or maybe on Facebook or Twitter too?

Download Link: Coachella 2011

Cut Copy – Corner of the Sky
Trentemøller – Serenetti (Maetrik Bass Rework)
Lauren Pritchard – Not the Drinking (Riva Starr Dub Cub)
Brandt Brauer Frick – Paparazzi
Afrojack – Pacha on Acid
Sleigh Bells – Tell ‘Em (Kingdom Remix)
Caspa – Neck Snappah
Plan B – She Said (16bit Remix)
Neon Trees – Animal (Expensive People Remix)
12th Planet – 68
Joker & Jakes – 3Klane (L-Vis 1990 Dubble Step Edit)
Tinie Tempah – Pass Out (Butch Clancy’s WTF is a Drumstep Remix)
Eliza Doolittle feat. Aaron LaCrate – Rockin’ with the Best
Twin Shadow – Castles in the Snow (Com Truise Remix)
NaS – It Ain’t Hard to Tell
Lil B vs. Gold Panda – Real You
Daft Punk – End of Line (Boyz Noize Remix)
Thunderball – Rio Mescalito (Mexcians With Guns Remix)
The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax ‘2 Many DJs’ Remix)
Leftfield – Open Up
Steve Angello & Alex Metric – Open Your Eyes
Chromeo – Hot Mess (Lilt Remix)

GIG: Get lost in the LABYRINTH

October 15th, 2010 by Chris


I write thee tonight with serious business… I KNOW all you cats are just gettin more and more excited for the Floor Models set coming up next weekend. That would be Saturday 10/23 in case ya forgot. The exact underground locale has not yet been announced but rest assured this is a real deal SF show.

This is a special one hosted by our buddies at SWAG. In fact, I heard that it’s a birthday party too… for SWAG! 2 years rocking our bass faces off. So get your pre-sale tickets while they last. It’ll set ya back $15. But whatever happens, don’t forget to bring your MASQUE to the LABYRINTH!!!

Tix right here $$$$$
Join the SWAG GROUP while you’re at it…

And you’re gonna be our friend too right? Love the Facebook and Twitterz!

MIX: Live at Bay Area Burn

September 25th, 2010 by Chris

The Floor Models would like to thank SWAG for such a mind-blowing experience! And thanks to iownawesome for the recap video :) And just to give a little taste to our oh so loyal fanbase, here’s our set from the party!

Download Link: Live at Bay Area Burn

Keep watch a new gig coming up Halloween style and the ultra-fresh dubstep mix…

GIG: Bay Area Burn

August 24th, 2010 by Chris

Bay Area Burn

Experiencing the Floor Models at this summer’s Yellow Brick may have destroyed your bass glands, but even for the most damaged, you should be in full recovery by now. So what next? More Floor Models action to ROCKIT of course!

We’ve partnered with one of SF’s baddest crews for this next one… SWAG! Emerging like a frickin’ phoenix from the ashes of the bay area party scene SWAG has in just one year built quite a rep for their insane underground parties. And always, always with a flare for FUN :) They’re next project is the BAY AREA BURN, which is just as it sounds: a kick-ass local alternative to Burning Man!

So if you can’t make the trek out to the playa, or simply demand to see the Floor Models, you can rock it Labor Day weekend with us at a spectacular 3-day camp-out. More info can be consumed on Facebook and direct from Swag. And tickets? They’re right here.

If you’re down with Swag’s takeover of the universe, be sure to join their Facebook group too (trust me, get in on their good side before world domination manifests!). Giving a lick… I mean like… to the Floor Models’ Facebook page would be totally rad too.


GIG: Yellow Brick

June 1st, 2010 by Chris

Yellow Brick

When you find a yellow brick road, there’s only one thing to do: follow it! And this Saturday June 5th it happens to lead to a night of sick beats courtesy of the ever-rad Oz Smoking Lounge. And, yes the Floor Models will be in full effect!

Yellow Brick (Back)

Come out and rep the Floor Models as we rock out the mezzanine. We drop at 10:45pm precise, so get there early! In the meantime, get your chill on at the Oz Smoking Lounge right around the corner on 22nd.


MIX: Coachella 2010

April 13th, 2010 by Chris


Sing it with me now…

“It’s the most wonderful time… of the year!”

YEAH!!! Only a few days now until the Floor Models once again invade the desert. Still no gig at the show this year (funny, that) so instead we keep the tradition of a Coachella 2010 mix going! All the tracks involve someone associated with the show… somehow. So, get this joint lit on the road trip down to the show, and we’ll see ya in the Sahara :)

Download Link: Coachella 2010

MIX: All Wet

January 27th, 2010 by Chris


Living on the West Coast, weather-wise, usually ain’t no thang. But the last week was a soggy one. Nothing to do except throw down some dub. And techno. Yes, two of our favorite genres have been fused into a sublime one hour journey. Kinda like a PB&J at 130bpm. Dig in.

Download Link: All Wet

MIX: Select

October 29th, 2009 by Chris


Come down selector! The Floor Models are hittin’ ya upside the head with another dubstep uppercut.

Download Link: Select

Coming soon: videos from the epic TFM set at the Red Death and a few very special live mixes…

MIX: Macerated

July 23rd, 2009 by Chris

It’s no secret that the Floor Models enjoy their bevies. All sorts of bevies are enjoyed, but a few rise to the top: namely scotch and wine. This mix in front of you is dedicated to the latter. It debuted on the excellent wine blog saignée, run by our good friend (and fan!) Cory Cartwright. He is just finishing up an epic month of posts on the topic of natural wine. Dig deep and you may even find a few wine geek posts by yours truly.

Enough! Onto the music. Keeping with the vino theme, the concept for Macerated is the journey that grapes takes in the vat during fermentation. This process is called maceration and it’s where the magic happens, especially for natural wine. It is very dark in the vats, but also very active, so musically expect a healthy dose of dark techno sprinkled with new wave and ambient.

The Floor Models – Macerated

This, our latest mix, is also available for steaming on the top of the sidebar. And you can find the rest of our mixes right here.

All Mixed Up

July 1st, 2009 by Chris

We ain’t liars around these parts. Check out the new Mixes page for the complete archive of the Floor Models’ bangin’ sound.